Insecure Leaders #leadership #identity

I have been reading a lot on fear and insecurity over the past year. Largely out of recognition for how much impact these two instincts have over the common leader, and particularly in my personal life. From Teddy Roosevelt to the dad dinosaur in the Disney movie The Good Dinosaur (Ok, not technically a read), everyone … Continue reading Insecure Leaders #leadership #identity


Building Resiliency in Your Life #character #adversity

Whenever I think of resiliency I imagine a rubber band snapping back into form. Not snapping from the tension, but flexing and finding it's way back. People struggle with resiliency. It requires change and adaptation to the situation. The result is a new form and consistency with the same core nature and composition. The difficulty … Continue reading Building Resiliency in Your Life #character #adversity

Your smartphone does not help you #listen #communication

Active listening is important. I recently read a study on how people actually feel about smartphone use during meetings. (You can read it here: Not just business meetings, but people sitting and talking to one another in a general attentive manner. Rather, where we would assume people are attentive. Across the board, and across … Continue reading Your smartphone does not help you #listen #communication

I am not a procrastinator…are you? #personality #workethic #coaching

I have been labeled a procrastinator in some of my past circles. And I always hated it. There is some baggage that comes with being called by a certain description, especially if you feel it does not fully encapsulate who you are. We do it all the time, even when well meaning. It is where nicknames and … Continue reading I am not a procrastinator…are you? #personality #workethic #coaching

4 Ways Customers Will Not Appreciate You #customerservice #leadfreely

Have you created a way for a wide range of interested customers to appreciate what you do? The reality is this should be common sense if you have a company or organization that has a wide range of clients and followers. But I would contend that most places of business seek to hit one age … Continue reading 4 Ways Customers Will Not Appreciate You #customerservice #leadfreely

Is Your Work Fun? #purpose #work

Ex-NHLer ponders life after hockey Do you consider your work fun? Or do you keep the two words separate? It is interesting how much time we spend in our lives on this separate category we call 'work', and yet how many people dislike the fact they have to do it. Many strive and save and … Continue reading Is Your Work Fun? #purpose #work

Learning to Love Your Neighbour #MLKday #leadfreely

On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I thought it would be appropriate to quote the man himself. The excerpt below is from King's essay, "An Experiment in Love", which discusses the place of love in nonviolent resistance. It is interesting to read these words and consider how timeless the thoughts are in reflection of … Continue reading Learning to Love Your Neighbour #MLKday #leadfreely

Why are we memorable? #identity #social

Just a quick weekend thought on what makes people memorable... And what is deservedly so?  What do we let ride off into the sunset but had a huge underlying impact? Do you seek fame? Fortune? Or influence?

Who Has Power Over You?

How much power do you allow over you by others?  This past election was a great example of the concept of power and authority. We have trouble separating the two in common practice but they are different. Trump being elected may be the best example I have witnessed of the two in action though. Why? … Continue reading Who Has Power Over You?

Scheduling Your Values #priorities #values

So last week I asked you about your 'top 5%'... How'd you do? If you are like me, you may have had some difficulty narrowing it down. What are you good at? What do you feel most passionate about? How do you have the greatest impact in any given setting? Much of this can be … Continue reading Scheduling Your Values #priorities #values

What is your top 5%?

Where do you place your highest priorities in life? And how long is that list? A while back I was called to evaluate this list, considering what my next options were in career and vocation. As I tend to be one who spends a lot of time evaluating and introspecting on the healthiest of occasions, … Continue reading What is your top 5%?

Event Planner Personality

Continuing on the theme of productivity in the New Year... Did you take note of how people planned for the parties you went to over the holidays? How about how you planned for these events? What about those attending? It is very interesting to me how uniquely we approach social gatherings and prepare to take … Continue reading Event Planner Personality