What drives you? A look at your pursuits #purpose #vocation #passion

Another year, another teenager excited to get a job. It is always an interesting time as a parent, helping your kid with the job search and learning to give up some part of your purpose of complete caregiver. Setting up to let go. They become adults. And just like every other time of transition and crisis … Continue reading What drives you? A look at your pursuits #purpose #vocation #passion

Mentorship…it’s all about relationship #leadership #coaching

We are all shaped by what came before us. We continue to be shaped¬†by the present, and we will be shaped daily by what lies ahead.¬†Even as we get older and become a voice that shapes others. Are you aware of the relationships you have created around you that continue to shape you? 2008 was … Continue reading Mentorship…it’s all about relationship #leadership #coaching