Failure is an option

In fact, it's normal. The more you embrace your shortcomings, and learn from failings, the better you become. At what? At life. People who struggle with failing tend to focus only on not doing so, and lose sight of the bigger picture.  Life is filled with opportunities. To grow, adapt, and learn. Ultimately to become … Continue reading Failure is an option


Sample Workshops

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Relevance is Memorable

Humourous conversation with the youngest born about musical influence: Me: Shania Twain was like the female Garth Brooks in the country music industry. Boy #3: Who's Shania Twain? Me: Blank stare Boy #3: And who's Garth Brooks? Me: You know, "Friends in Low Places", "The River"... Boy #3: I've never heard any of that. Boy … Continue reading Relevance is Memorable

Speaking to Another’s Level

What a great way to spend the long weekend! Speaking and communing with young leaders in a beautiful camp setting. Nature, a purposeful group seeking knowledge and growth, and the time allotted to do so properly. A safe environment that fosters faith and challenges the community to be shaped all at once. Most of us … Continue reading Speaking to Another’s Level

Joy is key to your team

They'll let anyone into this place! And am I glad 😁 I am blessed to bring 3 sessions to these young leaders on the power of community when you work on a team. Especially when stress hits. It takes all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. Not just your will. In fact, it might break your … Continue reading Joy is key to your team