What are the top 2 reasons people give me for not continuing development in their current role?

Time and Money. No surprise there, right?

I cannot make time for you, that is something you will have to make on your own. But I may have found a way to get funding to alleviate the affordability issue. Check out the link by clicking the banner below for more information from Mentor Works, a government initiative to get businesses and non-profits into training their people. If you qualify, you can be eligible for up to 66% of training costs covered.

Take a look, then contact me about a specific workshop or training/coaching series to submit with the application:

Capture job grant

Taking time to increase your capabilities, improve yourself as a person, and discover new ways to work with others, is not a waste of time or money. The value you receive from this is priceless.

So have you heard about my new book?

Probably, but have you thought about it as a workshop or training resource? I developed it as a guide I am providing for groups who would like to discover how they can organize their setting for vision and clarity. It is manageable and easily appropriated for a variety of settings. 1 session, individual coaching, or a training series, it fits!

Check out the book, it’s only $7, and then contact me for more details:7431 book cover82349843..jpg www.7431book.com

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