Have you ever sat down with someone to discuss your personality? How about how you get along with other people?

I have had the opportunity to do this countless times over the past 2 years, but almost entirely in a group setting.Coaching click The problem is that most people find it a little intimidating to sit down one on one and discuss their feelings and how others might feel about them. It can be a little scary, especially with someone you do not know.

Why? Well, I know from experience, it can feel a little ‘judgy’.

That is why I spend so much time trying to make people comfortable when they meet with me. It is a natural thing for us humans to want acceptance and approval in a group. It is what makes community so key in our social development, makes the workplace enjoyable, and family have a sense of unity. If we do not get those things, we feel like an outcast or an oddball. And even when everything feels fine in our world, sitting down to talk about it with someone else can just make you feel a little self-conscious…like you might be failing a personality test!

I try to steer clear from those feelings.

Well, as promised, I am offering a special rate for one-on-one MBTI assessments this month. I just believe it is a good thing for us to gain personal understanding so we can gain understanding of our place in our social settings. That means work, family, school… So, if you would like to sit down with me and work through the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) to gain some insight on your social self, now is the time to hit reply.mbti-logo-150x214

This is what you get for $100:

· An online pass to fill out the 93 items called the MBTI. (Don’t worry, they are short)

· A print out AND electronic copy of the results with specific insights into your personality type.

· A sit down session to discuss how this impacts what you do and how you interact with others.

Give it a try!

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