We lost 2 important voices in the world of Christian faith over the past few days.

Rachel Held Evans, became a millennial voice for many challenging the norms of the Christian church here in North America. She invited evangelicals to a larger table for sharing and understanding the One who invites us all to dine.

Jean Vanier, exhibited deep compassion for those marginalized and showed us what it means to be truly human, and deeply in need of a Saviour. He gave hands and feet to the good news for all, leading out of servitude as an example to us muddling through our own rightness.

You can read my thoughts on one of Jean Vanier’s books here: https://leadfreely.ca/2018/02/12/becoming-human-jean-vanier

What do these 2 voices have in common? Grace.

Both exhibited it and sought it in their writing, speaking, and spiritual wrestling. They introduced different circles to a space that is made for those who may not have felt invited before, and may not have experienced the true gift that it is. This is why they were held in such esteem and created a stir around them. Grace is pretty hard to wrap your mind around, and not always easy to accept.

This is also why it strikes us when these voices are lost here on earth; because they may seem like the only ones bringing clarity to the message.

Thank you for your unique voices, Rachel and Jean, we were blessed to hear you.

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