The title is a little misleading. I don’t believe in purgatory. But this isolation during the Live on Purpose - plainCovid-19 isolation may change my mind.

For some of you it is Holy Week, the days leading up to Good Friday and then Easter. It is a week of reflection and consideration of the work of Christ.

For others, it is another week of physical distancing and self isolation as you work from home, and learn to live with the current crisis around us.

Either way, it is a week of reviewing and reasserting your purpose. Or it can be.

I am offering my short course on purpose for FREE for the rest of the month!

These sessions include some of my personal stories and insights as I share ways I help myself and help others to rediscover purpose. No matter the setting, no matter the industry, no matter the location. We all strive for a meaningful existence.

We just don’t always live like it.

So, take advantage of the offer! Go through the sessions, watch the video intros, and share it with a friend. I will be putting it back on shelf in my ‘Downloads’ section after May 1st!

The FREE sessions you are looking for have moved on! They are back in the DOWNLOADS section where they belong. Click below to check them out, and also see what other new tools and resources I am offering to help you grow and develop as a leader and a human.


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