I am working part-time with a church here in Winnipeg ( as their interim pastor. I am helping them figure out who they are and where they are going in the year’s to come. I continue to coach, consult, and provide workshops during this time.

A little background on me and Lead Freely…

Lead Freely is first and foremost the birthchild of Eric Friesen, culminating from years of development and some focused hardship. In the end the desire became a service of personal discovery, a way of seeking out whether we are actually personally leading from freedom within.

It is a service to help people discover their personal wealth in their gifts and abilities, both for the workplace and personal life. Resources are all personalized and events are scheduled with the individuals and groups in mind. Each workshop, speaking engagement, or meeting is a personal and authentic experience for everyone involved. The goal is to be enriched and encouraged to move forward regardless of what the personal objective may be.

Eric Friesen developed his leadership and coaching skills

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over the past 20 years as a
pastor, serving both churches and the local community. He is skilled in guiding people through various processes and systems allowing them to discover the next chapter in their life story. He has shown great aptitude in mentoring young people and peers, developing coaching systems for organizations, and helping groups create a worthy vision going forward. He is personable and a storyteller, who enters conversation as though he has nowhere else to be.