How can I help you?

As a coach, my passion is to walk with you as an individual or group to discover the next place you were designed to be in this life.

 As a consultant, my desire is to walk with your organization to discover team health and strategic organization for a purposeful future.

Who Am I?

I am Eric Friesen, once a pastor, still a farmer at heart, always a father and grandpa, and now a storyteller who wants to help others with theirs. I started my coaching service called ‘Lead Freely’ last year, and since then have enjoyed “helping people find who they are, where they are.”

Lead Freely is a service designed to help people at all levels discover their potential and perfect their assets, from the individual to the institution. It has been my dream to coach and consult people where they are in a way that suits their needs and fulfils their objectives. I have experienced personally the benefits of walking with another person who offers guiding questions and facilitates helpful discussion to provide health and growth, even when I felt I was at my best. Over the past 20 years I have offered these services as a pastor in a local church and the surrounding community, Lead Freely now allows me the privilege to extend those benefits to a larger audience

Key strengths and benefits:

·         20 years of working with volunteers and staff, creating mission and programming, developing teams and systems that work.

·         Master of Arts in Educational Ministries, applicable to a generalized audience from youth to elderly.

·         Step I & II certified practitioner in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment. (MBTI)

·         MBTI MasterClass: Using Type to Optimize Leadership

·         LionsQuest “Skills for Adolescence” (Lion’s Clubs of Canada, educational resource)

·         All sessions, workshops, and meetings are formatted to fit your specific needs and context.

·         Friendly, warm, conversational…Those are the words most often used to describe a Lead Freely experience!