Helping you transition to the next great chapter in life and work

“Eric Friesen is really great in helping people figure out their strengths and how to use them. I totally recommend him!”

  • Would you like to discover more about your personality and how it impacts those around you?
  • Could you benefit from an authentic conversation to discern your personal objectives?
  • Are you a church or non-profit in need of new vision and strategy?
  • How would you like a series of conversations that are tailored specifically to your personal and organizational needs?
  • Would you like someone to help you have meetings that no longer suck?
  • Are you in leadership and need help with the next steps of development?
  • Are you a church or organization in need of transitional leadership?

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A little about Eric Friesen and Lead Freely…

Lead Freely is first and foremost the birthchild of Eric Friesen, culminating from years of development and some focused hardship. In the end the desire became a service of personal discovery, a way of seeking out whether we are actually personally leading from freedom within… [Continue reading]