You are busy enough doing what you do. But are you effective and healthy in doing what you do?


Feeling stuck? Let me help you get unstuck.
I walk with individuals and organizations to help them find who they are, where they are, so they can journey to the next step in their life and work.
  • Personal coaching in your life as an individual?
  • Help with your team meetings?
  • Training for your team or workplace?
  • Guidance in restructuring your organization?
  • Discuss volunteer development and retention?
  • Someone to walk with you or your organization to develop a strong strategy for the future?
  • A workplace workshop specific to your needs?
  • Inspirational and motivational talks for a retreat or event?
Contact me and let’s grab a coffee to discuss how to grow your story!

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner:  Contact me for details on team dynamics and coaching.