How can I help you discern your next steps?

“The activities were great and I would encourage any group of people committed to working together effectively to see this as an investment in who they are individually and collectively. Great experience!”

My hope is that people gain a better understanding of themselves, learn to lead through freedom, and have a greater vision for how they impact the world around them.

Most conversations start from these basic blocks: The 3 Big Questions

What are you doing?

Everything from a simple conversation, to a coaching arrangement, to developing an assessment or audit of your current situation could bring clarity and begin the journey.

Why do you do it?

Workshops and further conversation bring to light how fulfilled you feel in your current space. These discussions bring to light how change be made as an individual and a group.

How does this effect you and those around you?

Are you in a space of trust and transparency? Or is the next step to evaluate the character and spirit of organization?

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I am a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner: Contact me for details on team dynamics and coaching.

A little about Eric Friesen and Lead Freely…

Lead Freely is first and foremost the birthchild of Eric Friesen, culminating from years of development and some focused hardship. In the end the desire became a service of personal discovery, a way of seeking out whether we are actually personally leading from freedom within… [Continue reading]