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7431: How do you order your world?

This is the ebook! It is not about time management; it is about scheduling with vision.


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Are you looking for a great resource to help you view your time with vision? Relieving stress of time management? Speaks to your personal style of organizing your priorities?

The 7431 system is organic and suitable to fit into your style, regardless of how you plan and manage your time. It is about setting a vision you own!

The book will be available for download, and in the months to come there will continue to be resources available here that are:

  • Short – In size, not content. Made to read easily.
  • Clear – Content that fits you where you live.
  • Relevant – Context is everything! How can this help you and the people around you?
  • Affordable – Yes, I want you to be able to afford this resource! You should never pay more than you have to for the quality you need.

Would you like a simple resource on purpose?

Before you begin with the 7431 ebook, you may want to take on a 4-part series I put together for individuals and teams, all about developing a realistic mission. It is part of your planning and process of discerning all that you do. So why not spend some time working through how you define your values, mission, vision, and actions going forward?

This material is in the works to become part of the 7431 ebook for use by individuals and teams. By clicking below you can open a payment option for personal use, or for your group.
Live on Purpose: 4-sessions on developing your mission

A simple 4 part series to help you or your team develop a functioning mission and put it

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into action. It pairs well with the 7431 ebook, but it can also work alone. Use it as your weekly #MondayMotivation, putting the material into action throughout the week. Or go through it all at once, and put it to practice. My hope is that it will be of great benefit no matter how you put it to work!
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Personal: 1 or 2 people

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Small Team: 3-5 participants

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Large Team: 6 or more

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