How can I help?

Contact me today to discuss options that fit you and your group. The first step is always a conversation, making the experience personable and personalized to fit you and your circumstances. Scroll down or pick an option:

The Check-in

Sometimes all you need is another set of ears, fresh eyes on a situation, or a soundboard to be present at a meeting. This can be for health, direction, encouragement, or maybe to see if something more is needed. A 1 to 2 hour conversation might just be what you need.

Phone call, video, or in person. $75 minimum plus any incidentals.

Personal Coaching:

  1. My process is built around my personal assessment concept of: Purpose, Joy, Care (You can read more about it here: 3 Questions)
  2. 3-4 personal sessions developed around your key objective. It starts with the MBTI (Read more about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator here) and ends with a better understanding of what comes next for you as an individual.
  3. We discuss and create a plan, including the overall direction and resources needed.
  4. Sessions are 60-90 minutes, and start with the MBTI, a contextual survey where we ask for input from those specific to your objective, and your personal portfolio.
  5. The desired outcome is clarity for you, and a portfolio you can use for future reflection.
  6. Investment: $500 plus assessment and resource costs (starting price; extra sessions can be negotiated)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: (MBTI)

  1. Know yourself, know others. Clarify how you communicate as you gain understanding of yourself and those in your circles.
  2. Personality and social dynamics, they are a part of each of us! By exploring your personality and how you interact with your social world, you have the opportunity to grow as a person and together with those around you.
  3. I am a certified practitioner, and that means I can walk you through the assessment, help you understand the results, and discuss what that looks like in real life or in whichever context you need clarity.
  4. Click here to learn more about why I like the MBTI resource.
  5. Investment: Starting price of $200/participant; group size and expenses TBD

Ministry or Team Assessments:

  1. Everyone needs a time of reflection and outside input in their work. This is where I come in.
  2. We negotiate a plan of assessment and observation. This will guide the process going forward.
  3. I take part in your activities, observing and asking questions along the way.
  4. A survey of team members, as well as a few sit-downs with team members, to gain understanding of those involved.
  5. A written assessment and meeting time to close the process and provide you with insights as you go forward.
  6. This option can also be incorporated into a leadership team coaching contract.
  7. Investment: $1000 base; final amount determined by number of meetings, size of group, expenses, and time required.

Retreats & Workshops:

  1. Telos – ‘Looking ahead’ Does your organization or team require someone to help you discover a renewed vision?
  2. Leadership & Ministry Team Development – Do you need someone to walk with your leadership team for growth? Development? Renewal?
  3. MBTI Retreat – Take the above MBTI personality session and expand it cover a variety of key needs for you and/or your group. 
  4. Communication & Conflict – I have a variety of materials I use to help you learn to say what you mean, and mean what you say.
  5. I have numerous prepared material for retreats and workshops, from inspirational to developmental.
  6. Investment: TBD, specific to your group

Transitional Leadership & Coaching:

  1. Churches and organizations occasionally need someone to walk with them through a rough patch, or to work towards a renewed vision.
  2. Normally this role comes into play between eras of permanent or long-term leadership. Or it can be a supplement to your current leadership situation.
  3. The focus here is on bringing lasting change and new health to your group by way of immediate action. It is results based and focused in nature.
  4. We negotiate a contract and the starting point will be a survey/assessment from which all conversations and changes will be based.
  5. Arrangements can vary from regularly scheduled coaching sessions to inhouse support.
  6. Contact me to discuss a potential arrangement: BOOK NOW
  7. Investment: 3-24 months; finances TBD