This is what satisfied participants had to say about Lead Freely and Eric Friesen:

“Thanks for your time and energy, you were enthusiastic and patient with us. The training has already had a major impact and I hope some of the topics that came up will go well as they are followed up on.” (Neil, InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Manitoba)

“As you could tell by the laughter, it was appreciated.” (Family after a MBTI session)

“I loved all the stories!”

“Eric Friesen is really great in helping people figure out their strengths and how to use them. I totally recommend him!” (Karin, one-on-one coaching)

“The MBTI session we had taught us not only about our own personalities but about the personalities of our teammates! I really think that our session with Eric is going to help our team grow on and off the court for our upcoming season!”

“The activities were great and I would encourage any group of people committed to working together effectively to see this as an investment in who they are individually and collectively. Great experience!”

“I really appreciated how you guided our conversation, but left enough breathing room for the conversation to go where people needed it to.”