Are you feeling encouraged these days? 

I know the lockdown is wearing on so many people right now, so encouragement can be a little hard to come by. I feel blessed that we do have the technology to connect with people virtually when it works. 50 years ago this would not have been a reality under similar circumstances, but we have it today. I can talk to my grandson about his trucks like I am right there in his living room, and that is the reality in which he is growing up!

If you follow me on social media you may have noticed I have been offering shortened coaching and motivation calls this week. This is apart from my usual coaching package because I think it is definitely needed. Not everyone has a grandkid that will video chat out of the blue to brighten their day. So I am offering that service. Just a 30 to 45 minute video chat that helps people restore their sense of purpose and bring encouragement to their life and work.

Do you know someone who could use this? Direct them to my website to make contact or send me an email to set up a time.

If you need this, by all means, let me know.

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