I remarked on a recent chat regarding care that one of the best types of care we could show was to become slow. 

We move too fast in general. We miss important items on our list of values. We entertain thoughts we have no business sharing our energy with. And we tend to move past people to fulfill whatever matter of urgency we have created for this moment. Generally we lose track of these things until we are forced to slow down. I was forced to slow down this year and have begun to realize the immense benefits of things missed, and the detriment of anxious fixations. We all have them, we just have trouble dealing with them when times seem to be flowing. 

That is why patience is a gift. When circumstances offer a corrective, or even create a forced reflective, it must be more than an inconvenience. You must see it as a gift, and allow it to unwrap. The more this happens, the clearer you may see what you are actually doing and what you sincerely are striving for. A snowstorm at Christmas may be just the thing we need from time to time. 

Enjoy the gift you received this holiday!

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