What is the church for?

Now that is an interesting question! One that many churches, at least the ones I have worked with over the years, do not ask of themselves. The more common question is: What is the church? A philosophical reason for being, an introspection into ourselves on repeat. But that is not the most helpful way to … Continue reading What is the church for?

Do you make room for an enemy?

How many enemies do you have? I know, I know, we are not supposed to call anyone an enemy. And I realize for many of you it is difficult to admit out loud that some people may even get the title. But we all know who they are in our circles. It does not mean … Continue reading Do you make room for an enemy?

Authority and Responsibility work well together

A few years ago I posted about the idea of 'power and authority', shortly after Donald Trump became president: https://leadfreely.ca/2017/01/10/who-has-power-over-you/ That was an unfortunate time in world history, one which many people are trying to forget. There was plenty of conversations about the idea of holding power, having power, taking power, and also having authority. … Continue reading Authority and Responsibility work well together

When Plan ‘B’ is your only option!

The only thing that is constant is change. That quote from Heraclitus, an ancient Greek philosopher, causes many to stumble. No one really likes change, even those who consider themselves change agents. Change is inevitable and destabilizes us from what we consider to be the norm. When we destabilize we are called into action to … Continue reading When Plan ‘B’ is your only option!

Is it harvest season?

1 week: 2 MBTI workshops... 1 weeklong MBTI class on personality and faith... 1 youth retreat... And a church potluck. Busy week ahead, many great conversations to be had, and plenty of opportunity for growth in 5 different settings. Seeds planted, fruit growing. I love harvest season. I hope it's a fruitful season for you … Continue reading Is it harvest season?

Cracked Pots #WorldMentalHealthDay

As this day comes to a close I am reminded of my present state of sanity. I am also reminded several times through life experience and through my knowledge of the Bible just how fragile we are as humans. We are created 'good', are amazing and intricate in design, have been blessed with amazing resiliency … Continue reading Cracked Pots #WorldMentalHealthDay

Creating Engagement with Your Awesomeness

I was recently at a tradeshow for my other business venture (MARRY ME!). It was a learning experience as I had to answer the same question in a variety of forms: What do you do? People would actually create a bubble away from the table until they decided whether they wanted to engage. Is this … Continue reading Creating Engagement with Your Awesomeness

Road trips and reality

Ah yes, another great road trip is about to go into the books. We hit as many awesome sites as possible, lived to tell about it, and want to go home. Our van, like so many others out there, was a little microcosm of reality. Anytime you do life with others, on a team, on … Continue reading Road trips and reality

Ideas Worth Sharing

Last night I took in the introduction evening for this year's TED Talks with some friends. I was excited on a couple of different fronts. First, I have been following TED for years. I used the talks for everything from personal development, to researching specific topics, to introductions during discussion groups. Valuable material and entertaining … Continue reading Ideas Worth Sharing

4 Ways Customers Will Not Appreciate You #customerservice #leadfreely

Have you created a way for a wide range of interested customers to appreciate what you do? The reality is this should be common sense if you have a company or organization that has a wide range of clients and followers. But I would contend that most places of business seek to hit one age … Continue reading 4 Ways Customers Will Not Appreciate You #customerservice #leadfreely

The Gift of Patience

​I remarked on a recent chat regarding care that one of the best types of care we could show was to become slow.  We move too fast in general. We miss important items on our list of values. We entertain thoughts we have no business sharing our energy with. And we tend to move past … Continue reading The Gift of Patience

Pause to Start #work #identity

I love this passage from the book Thank You For Being Late by Thomas Friedman. How do you view pauses in your life? Many of us struggle with the thought of pausing as part of the natural order of the day. It seems counterintuitive, counterproductive, and maybe just plain wrong. That is why I love the … Continue reading Pause to Start #work #identity