Have you decided whether you are internally or externally motivated?

If you will recall, that is what last week’s blog was all about. Motivation is a central figure in much of what we do. What we expect of others. And what we choose to blame for things not getting done in our lives. Knowing more about how you are motivated is never a bad thing, even if you think you are about as educated on yourself as you could possibly be.

Starting on Monday I will be sharing another Monday Motivation series! And it is all about motivation…What makes you feel like you just had a cup of coffee-

How does a situation inspire you?

What scenarios scare you?

What do you expect of others around you?

What do you expect of yourself?

What does a timeline for action look like to you?

 Those are some of the key questions we will be tackling. You just have to sign up with your email address, and look forward to getting a new #MondayMotivation every Monday morning! There will be a short video, a write up introducing the topic, a list of thoughts to consider, and some follow-up questions for you to work through on your own throughout the week.

 Simple. Fun. Painless. Go ahead. Do it. I dare you.

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