Creating space to grow

I had a bit of nostalgia take hold of me this week. You can read more about this awesome time with the folks at Pioneer Camp Manitoba (as well as a few others) here: Great Learning and Growing Experiences! – Lead Freely There is nothing quite like a good memory finding its way forward in … Continue reading Creating space to grow

Awakenings and much needed conversations

What a great week! If you have followed me on social media this past week you will know that I have been inundating my followers with snapshots of my travels to Chicago. I attended the Missio Alliance gathering, Awakenings 2023. Missio Alliance is an organization that is trying to create a commons for open conversation … Continue reading Awakenings and much needed conversations

Breaking your negative thought pattern

“Why did I feel uncomfortable about that decision?” That was my internal dialogue at work in my bored mind as I entered the tired hours of my solo road trip, going to a conference I was excited to take part in. Tired mind, not just because of the hours on the highway or because I … Continue reading Breaking your negative thought pattern

Does change take time?

Yes. The initial decision may take a moment. The realization that something has to give may be quick. The plan may seem like it was nothing to dream up. Everybody said, 'Yes!' But you know there is more to the story. You need to make time and space. Think of it like a spiral, not … Continue reading Does change take time?

Not everything works out

My recent trip to 2 communities did not go as planned. Miscommunication and different people out of the know meant the workshops were not a success. It does not mean I didn't get to meet with some amazing people and hear their stories. You might say it was an unplanned learning experience! If you want … Continue reading Not everything works out

With a hope and a mission!

As I write these words to you I sit comfortably in the Little Grand Rapids Lodge, considering how blessed I am to finally have this opportunity once again. I had to reschedule a few times due to unforeseen circumstances, I have changed my material a few times, and of course, stressed about whether I would … Continue reading With a hope and a mission!

On Purpose: So, what is your purpose?

Do you have a purpose statement? Have you ever written one? Or do you have one memorized? Maybe you have put together a personal statement before or have been part of a process with your team or workgroup. Do you remember it? It does cause some awkwardness in meetings when you bring up the subject … Continue reading On Purpose: So, what is your purpose?

On Purpose: What’s Your Vision?

What do you imagine for yourself? The proverb says it well, "Where there is no vision, the people perish." When everything else was clouded, I lacked vision. We all do. A difficult aspect of losing sight of purpose is seeing actions through a dirty lens. Actions become less strategic and joyful, and the focus rests … Continue reading On Purpose: What’s Your Vision?

On Purpose: What is your mission?

"We're on a mission from God!"The Blues Brothers Mission and purpose seem almost interchangeable. If you do a little research on your own you will find that many businesses and organisations use either term in some way to describe the essence of what they do. Cutting my teeth in leadership development back in the '90's, … Continue reading On Purpose: What is your mission?

On Purpose: What do you value?

How do you know what you value? Does it show? Yes, it shows! This is part of a video series I recently put together 'on purpose'. It fits with the workbook I am making available, but it also works with other material I have for individuals and groups. It also stands alone as a means … Continue reading On Purpose: What do you value?

Are you in control?

Do you trust me? Such a simple question, loaded with implications. If you feverishly watched the series The Last of Us like I did, you will remember this important line from our antihero, Joel. In the moment of crisis, he asks this of Ellie, and it is a key moment in the story to come. … Continue reading Are you in control?

Why Change?

So why change? Because even if you choose not to, it is already happening. How will you choose to make change a natural part of your existence?