The workshop may have been small,

but the sharing was deep!

I had yet another opportunity to share my living better together

workshop, discussing communication and relationship-building within families and communities. We had a little trouble getting word out, but once the right people were on the case everything moved nicely! Many thanks to those who work tirelessly within the community to give others opportunity to grow.

Each aspect of the workshop brings

something different to light, whether it is a weak area, or awareness of a new strength. You were willing to share personal stories and desire to grow, and that is the best place to start. We went through the mbti to get a better sense have your personality preferences, and then use those as stepping stones for how you communicate and relate to one another. I especially like the amount of energy created during our discussions on communication and conflict resolution. I hope those skills stay with you for a long time!

Thank you for your hospitality and the opportunity to meet so many people from within the community. I was blessed by your warmth!

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