Have you ever considered radio waves in your home?
I am not trying to worry you, but they are everywhere. And they are not alone. There are slower moving waves you create in your kitchen that ripple right through your body. Every time you pick up your cell phone and put it next to your brain, you are permitting this low level of radiation to go right through your skull. The WiFi you use to binge watch your favorite show and message about it with your friends. Beams of light, moving around from the transmitter to the receiver, with no conscious effort bouncing off and moving through objects all around you. But you do not see them or hear them. And you should not feel them either (although some do).
How do you know they are present?
Your stuff works. You notice a text coming in with a ding.
Your laptop is allowed to surf and sync.
Your food is warm in 3 minutes or less.
Your friends all saw how bored you were at insta speed.
You turned on the radio in your car, and listened to someone speak.
“…no one sees the wind, they only see the effects of the wind…”
The reality is we are taught to live by the effects and impacts of whatever carries the desired outcome. The created message or product comes to us without any concern for the path travelled or method of delivery. I could sit in my house and pay no heed to what is all travelling around and through me because I do not feel it or sense it in any way. As far as I know anyway. But it is all there, making my life work the way I want it to, dependent on the functions they create, and of course, frustrated when they do not. Consider this the next time you have to wait somewhere with free WiFi that is not working.
Take this to a metaphorical level. How many waves are in your life that you never notice but are dependent upon?
In faith, I consider the work of God in all its mystery. Maybe you can think of family members that come through for you in a clutch. What about an employee that has said yes for everything assumed, but never asked of them. The kindness of a stranger when your back was turned that resulted in a mishap not occurring. A solar system that does not collide with itself…
You could add a number of things to this list.
Are you a wave? Or are you impacted by one? Spend some time considering what that means for you this week, and how you could acknowledge it’s presence.

Would you like to chat about the ‘waves’ you create? Let me help:

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