Thanks to Church of The Way for letting me be part of your desire to communicate!

November has definitely been a month of communication! Last week I had the opportunity to share some tools, engage in some helpful exercises, and discuss action steps going forward. It was great to 20191128_202539have a variety of generations share about what it means to communicate from their perspective. Even better though was the willingness of everyone to help others learn and grow. As we discussed, communication is really about drawing others into community.

Communication is also the space we provide for others to know us, while we learn more about them. While communication breakdown does occur more often than it really should, we have the opportunity every day to find a common space. Even when we come from very different starting points of understanding.

So let’s talk! If you as an individual, your church, or your work group, would like some help in how you communicate, I’d love to be part of it. Just go to the contact page and I’ll be in touch:

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