Do you have a community of active participants?

How many meetings have you been to and wondered, "Who is going to do all of this?!" I have been to my fair share. I know how it feels to 'organize' volunteers and suddenly realize no one has committed to anything. Or, as the much quoted legendary statistic says, you have the 'top 10%' do … Continue reading Do you have a community of active participants?

What’s the most important metric?

This is a trick question. You will not find a perfect answer at the end of this post. Sorry, but so much of what determines success for you says something about what you see as most important. We can say we all agree on what is most important, but how we define it will differ. … Continue reading What’s the most important metric?

Creating space to grow

I had a bit of nostalgia take hold of me this week. You can read more about this awesome time with the folks at Pioneer Camp Manitoba (as well as a few others) here: Great Learning and Growing Experiences! – Lead Freely There is nothing quite like a good memory finding its way forward in … Continue reading Creating space to grow

Awakenings and much needed conversations

What a great week! If you have followed me on social media this past week you will know that I have been inundating my followers with snapshots of my travels to Chicago. I attended the Missio Alliance gathering, Awakenings 2023. Missio Alliance is an organization that is trying to create a commons for open conversation … Continue reading Awakenings and much needed conversations

Does change take time?

Yes. The initial decision may take a moment. The realization that something has to give may be quick. The plan may seem like it was nothing to dream up. Everybody said, 'Yes!' But you know there is more to the story. You need to make time and space. Think of it like a spiral, not … Continue reading Does change take time?

With a hope and a mission!

As I write these words to you I sit comfortably in the Little Grand Rapids Lodge, considering how blessed I am to finally have this opportunity once again. I had to reschedule a few times due to unforeseen circumstances, I have changed my material a few times, and of course, stressed about whether I would … Continue reading With a hope and a mission!

Palm Sunday and adapting your expectations

Oh the plight to have adaptive expectations… I sat here waiting for the weather to be right for me to fly North. The second trip adjustment in place, I was hoping to finally make it to the workshops I planned months ago. Deep sigh. Trip adjustment number three and possibly number four are now in … Continue reading Palm Sunday and adapting your expectations

Are you in control?

Do you trust me? Such a simple question, loaded with implications. If you feverishly watched the series The Last of Us like I did, you will remember this important line from our antihero, Joel. In the moment of crisis, he asks this of Ellie, and it is a key moment in the story to come. … Continue reading Are you in control?

Why Change?

So why change? Because even if you choose not to, it is already happening. How will you choose to make change a natural part of your existence?

The 5 Dysfunctions of Your Team

Are you feeling comfortable? Comfort is one of those things I cherish, not just in my home, but in everything I do. When I speak of care in work and team settings it always starts with ‘comfort’. If people are not comfortable, they will not share openly or function well, because there is always the … Continue reading The 5 Dysfunctions of Your Team

Advent and how we love

"What's love got to do with it?!" Tina Turner Ah yes, the title line from one of my favourite Tina Turner songs. The season is festive, and this installment of the Advent season is all about love. It is pretty fitting to talk about love as it seems to fill the whole Christmas celebration! Love is … Continue reading Advent and how we love

Advent and the season of joy!

This is the week of joy in the Advent season. People often struggle with this one, and it impacts how they lead out. There was a study done in Sweden some time back, regarding the happiness people experience in life. Is it found in completing all their goals and getting what they want? Or is … Continue reading Advent and the season of joy!