Do you invest in your own personal development?

People tend to land on either end of the spectrum when it
comes to a personal growth plan, it is a nice idea but I don’t
need it, or I don’t have the time or money. There are those
of us who are ‘forced’ to take part in training at work,
maybe to touch up our soft skills, or to upgrade something
specific to the work we do. These are all good things, but
they rarely, if ever, ask deeper questions or are focused on
you as an individual.

Reality? We all need help to grow and flourish.

I do a number of things with Lead Freely, but coaching
individuals may be my favourite. I help you set an
objective, ask soul searching questions, and help you
consider next steps. 3-5 meetings, and it can all be done
virtually. It sounds so simple because it is. And the results
will stick with you for years to come!

It could be rethinking your career, finding a new start,
working out a conflict or stressful situation, or just gaining clarity on how you do life. You set the
objective for meetings once we start.

My sale price through summer 2021 includes all resources, and yes, that means the MBTI
questionnaire! Normally I would charge $300 plus the cost of any tools or assessments, so this
is a great deal.

So, that’s my plug. If this appeals to you, then let’s talk. And if you happen to refer me, you get a
coffee or a nice note. My treat!
Once you are ready just hit the button below or fill out the contact form. Let’s talk!

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