I love this cartoon, it illustrates how so many treat their social media presence:

I was part of a lively conversation at a networking function with people of various work backgrounds. The topic went from experience, to training, to marketing, to… Social media. And we camped here for some time. This was a polarizing topic, and not just because of generation or field of interest. Why?

How much should you share? And who do you share it with?

A number of people were trying to create a private and a public world online. Different names, pictures, shares, likes, blocks, etc, etc. But people still found them and certain information would inevitably go to the wrong people. People at work were not supposed to see you in the church choir, and grandma was not supposed to see those less than glorifying pictures of your trip to Cancun. You get the picture.

Many people still think they are creating an avatar online, when really they are exposing themselves openly.

We sculpt our message whenever we exercise our right to speak or share. How much time you spend chiseling the meaning is up to you.

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