The Easter weekend is upon us, and once again I reflect on the work of Christ. In leadership, I focus much of my attention on this work as the basis of my ability. As I said earlier, the humble leader stands out. In this case, for millennia.

As I considered this throughout the week, I realized that most people have no problem celebrating with the resurrection of Sunday, but very few can deal well with the death and tragedy of Friday. It makes sense, we have been given the opportunity for life, and the Author of life shows Himself triumphantly for all time. We needed a hero. We still do. Our world, regardless of the date or location, displays this vividly.

So what makes the Friday good? 

Because it had to happen, and we all struggle with the cold fact that ​the thing we fear the most was the one thing necessary for the work to be complete. Death. We don’t like death in itself, but we also don’t like the smaller elements of dying each day. “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” These words bridge the gap in the life we live throughout the rest of the year, that we have life, but it also means we continually remember that there is death to all parts contrary. Daily.

So is it a good Friday. Absolutely! Because without it the mission would never have been accomplished. The hero would only be in our imaginations.

Keep Friday good. Continue to be made holy. Celebrate in the One who gave you life.

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