I had a great conversation with one of my cousin’s today about everything from life transitions, to family, investments, and starting out on your own in business. Somehow a quick coffee turned into a 4 hour sit-down, but that is what happens when you are drawn into the ‘Eric vortex’. Time has no meaning. Just ask anyone who has found their way in.

I want to highlight a few good things that were said, especially regarding the entrepreneurial moment. The moment you jump out of the plane with a parachute on your back asking yourself “what am I doing???”

When an idea becomes an action…

  1. Think of the relationships you make. Not just clients or customers, they are relationships. Each person is placed in your space for a reason and that stays with you.
  2. There will be plenty of ‘holy sh*t’ moments. That’s called life, but we all struggle with the things that disrupt the status quo we learned to love. Those moments feel like they can break you, but they actually make you.
  3. Feel the exhilaration of big moments. When you feel unsure, nervous, a little out of your comfort zone, and it all relates to what you know is in your wheelhouse… It can be terrifying. But the joy you feel when you take the step is amazing.
  4. It’s not about the money. It pays the bills and feeds the kids, but it does not fuel the soul. Live for more.

This is exciting. Life is best when lived. I hope you are doing so. (Thanks Greg!)

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