Thanks for the great opportunity to speak into the lives of young leaders!

I had a great week walking and talking with these fine folks at Roseau River Bible Camp this week. We discussed personality, growing in identity, and leadership in a team setting. What does it mean to know your personality and continue learning about it? It means discovering more about yourself and deciding to continue learning how to work with others.

Thank you Lyndol & Coralie Fast for your work as leaders in the SLT4 program. You have grown as leaders in this setting, and continue to build into young lives faithfully! Servant leadership is the key to what you are doing, and it shows. Continue believing in the impact of young people, pouring into their lives, and modeling growth in community.

Thank you SLT4’s! I had a blast watching you work through your own understanding of self, and how that impacts the people with whom you work. Keep having fun learning and being transformed as you lead forward in life, no matter what the setting!

RRBC SLT4 2018 (1)

For the rest of you, are you finding opportunities to grow where you are planted? It is never too late to start!


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