I had the good pleasure of hanging out with a pretty tremendous group of people this weekend. It happened to be at a pretty sweet location as well; the first camp I went to as a kid. A lot of memories from past retreats combined with new ones made with some new friends!

I was invited to speak on mentorship and the internal make up of a leader. Specifically in a youth ministry setting. As I shared my experiences as a leader, I considered the fact that I was surprised once again by the array of people all working in youth leadership.

It is normal to be surprised by my time with youth leaders. In fact, regardless of how many times I am blessed to have opportunities for meetings and workshops with them, I still get the pleasure of being surprised.

These were some of my reminders through the weekend!

  1. These are ordinary people.
  2. Doing some extraordinary things.
  3. By being available to pursue a call made into action.
  4. And then learning what it means to be faithful in their activity.

God has given the opportunity and the direction for some pretty incredible things to be done because people like this are responsive to the work in the lives of young people.

Thanks for the blessing of a good reminder EMMC youth leaders!

Want something similar for your group or team? Contact me and let’s chat options!

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