Basic civility and common kindness are integral parts of all aspects of social interaction. Business is no exception. In fact, we have great opportunity in this arena to show these things as normal behaviour. I maintain this as true.

But alas, not all humanity got the memo.

We are given plenty of opportunity to see the opposite on a daily basis. If you need a reminder of my thoughts on influencing people, you need only see my blogpost from January 10: Winning Friends, Influencing People

I recently stopped at a small local business to drop off business cards, because our businesses overlapped and I thought it would be good to become friends. After waiting about 10 minutes while the owner chatted it up with a familiar customer. They chummed it up whenever they made jokes, looking around the room to confirm the laugh, talked about the town and the latest gossip.

Then it was my turn. Once she realized I was not a ‘sale’, she turned rude, gave some unsolicited advice, and alluded to not having time for this. I said thank you, and moved on.

The little shop of double messages!

A reminder to me that no matter how busy I am, I still have time to value the people in my midst. Even if they do not profit me.

If you would like to sit down and talk shop about clarifying your values and how you personify those things in your daily dealings, I am available:



Well, you should. It is all about planning with your values in mind. If you are like me, and you struggle with working on the most pertinent stuff first, then this may be just right for you. It might even help you a lot with what I just talked about in this blog! OK, go check it out now:

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