“And each year, around this time, we need to remind ourselves that as one door closes we have the ability to find other doors that open.” (Shankar Vedantam, Hidden Brain, “Loss and Renewal”)

So the new year has begun, and you have a new list of challenges and wishes before you. Or do you? Of course this is a special time to start new things, but it may also be a good time to reflect on the things that brought you this far. For me, I look at the new year beginning as a checkpoint along the journey. Not anything cataclysmic, but a reminder to take stock.

I love French toast. I realized on Sunday as I made up a batch for my sons that my nfdFrench toast often occurs at special times, usually as part of a holiday. It was the last day I had them for the Christmas holidays before sending them back to their mothers, so it stands as a moment of reflection for me. As I prepared this batch I looked back at what has all transpired over the past 3 years, how they have grown, and how we are all blessed in the midst of adversity. 3 years ago preparing for them to be gone for a week would have put me in a spiral of feeling that time was lost. But now more than ever I understand the moment. Moments cause us to grow and realize the story is still being formed; the final act has not occurred.

So I enjoyed the beginning of my year. I blessed my sons as the gifts from God they are, and was blessed by the moments I get to spend seeing them grow.

What is your French toast? Part of understanding your story is taking hold of the blessings of the moment…so fill your year with them!

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