Ok, Ok, I know you are inundated with ideas and great items for getting your year off to


a great start. But this one is free…

Below is the link to the first post I presented on my ‘7-4-3-1’ method. It has a free download that could help you with getting your thoughts together for the year. It helps me, which is why I finally put it out to the world! It is based on clarifying your thoughts on what you need to do now, and how you will schedule with vision for the year to come. As one user who bought the book put it:

“I think in reality I am overwhelmed with prioritization and time management advice. Where yours shines is in its simplistic brevity.”

Could not have said it better myself! So I challenge you to click the link, download the page, give it a try, then buy the book, and contact me if you need to talk more about implementing the method.

Or you can contact me first and we can talk shop! Either way, I hope you have a great and fulfilling New Year!

Here’s the link: Schedule by Subtracting?

And here’s how you can contact me:

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