Yes it’s only been a few hours without Facebook….

And Instagram…

And WhatsApp…

No, it is not November 5th, and this is not “V for Vendetta”. (But you should go watch it if you haven’t already)

Click image to rent the movie on YouTube (Image from The Denver Post)

But did it impact your day? Did you feel at a loss? Did you notice a shift in your momentum? Maybe not.

For a number of people there was an impact. It is a good reminder of a few things:

1. Take account of what holds your attention. Why does it take priority?

2. Take account of what holds your time. It may be your most precious resource, so who gets it?

3. Take account of who holds your ideas. Are you using one space for all your online resources? Which according to their terms you accept when subscribing, means they can use them at will. Baby pictures, video courses, contracts, etc. What is important to you?

Then there is the mental health aspect, that blends into your social health, and everything that comes with it. If these services create withdrawal and feelings of anxiety, then you should take stock of how you use them.

Take stock of your day, then enjoy it!

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