As I write these words to you I sit comfortably in the Little Grand Rapids Lodge, considering how blessed I am to finally have this opportunity once again. I had to reschedule a few times due to unforeseen circumstances, I have changed my material a few times, and of course, stressed about whether I would actually get to share these workshops. I do not wait well! It stresses me out and I can easily lose sight of the purpose laid before me.

Easter has come and gone, and I hope it was a great time for you to connect with loved ones in your life, sharing hope and love together. For me, Easter is a time of remembrance in my life and faith. It is a re-establishment of my mission and realignment of personal purpose. Both of those things work together in how I approach community and working in the lives of others. The entire Holy Week acts as a kind of ‘North star’ for me.

What do you use as a means of getting reacquainted with your mission in life? Maybe it’s a person, a conversation, a place, etc.

You may have seen my Easter post already on social media, but I thought I would share it here again:

An affront to global empires.
A promise fulfilled to the nations.
A perfect image of redemption for what was lost.
God declaring Shalomic restoration.
The real king stood up!
The resurrection hope.
The way of life for all.
Risen, indeed.

(Picture of Mary at the tomb, seeing the angel at the empty tomb, from “The Ladybird Bible Storybook”)

There are a number of value and virtue items that fit into those words. That image. That reminder. My purpose and mission are focused on these things, that there is always more to be done in bringing peace to this world, inviting others into deep change, and seasoning my conversations with hope.

May you be encouraged to continually look for ways to see mission and hope in what you do!

On another note, I recently updated a couple of pages on my website to better speak to needs in the people looking to take next steps, and answer that call of my mission.

The download page is now FREE. Completely. Just go ahead and go there and put these things on your device. My hope is that they are helpful and they begin a greater conversation in your life and work. Even better, call me and put me to work in facilitating new things for you and yours!

Click here: Lead Freely Downloads

The services page now includes a ‘check in’ option. Not just a workshop or a speaking engagement, but space for conversation with you and your team. I have come to realize that many people need a sounding board or just a short time to brainstorm. It may lead to a bigger discussion, or it might be all you need. So I am acknowledging it, and putting it out there for you to put to use!

Click here: Lead Freely Services

Keep growing, keep listening, keep on mission, keep working better together. Let me know how you are doing!

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