This past Father’s day weekend was a gooder. 20170616_214545

I spent it with many of the most important people in my life. I got to see skills and abilities honed to form art, and share pride in the lives I have been blessed to be part of shaping.

All of this reminds me of the importance of adaptation. My personal life has been filled with it. But adaptation is important and it is how we learn and grow forward. We are free when we adapt.

Like learning a new way to put peanut butter and honey on my bread.

20170617_150641My dad is 84 and I am 42, and I learned a new and better way to put peanut butter and honey on my toast. All it took was hanging out with him for lunch a while back. Now, I hate wrecking the bread, and getting peanut butter in the honey container. As we chatted and drank coffee, he smeared the honey on his toast. Then the peanut butter. What? That’s backwards…or is it? The earth moved, I saw time and space, smelt colours, and learned a very simple change to one of my favourites. I learned something new about my dad, when it seems old dogs no longer learn new tricks.

That may be one of the best gifts I 20170618_151221recalled this past Father’s day, as I reflected on my recent journey as a father…maybe not even at the half-way point. Learn something new, there is always a different way to do something, there is always an adaptation to life.

Not just new, better.

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