Yes, I know it’s summer. But Fall will be here sooner than you think!

Summer is a great time to consider how you would like to change and grow for the final half of the year to come. In agricultural terms, we plant in Spring, let things become fruitful through the Summer, and then prepare to reap the harvest in the Fall. Regardless of the industry or interest in life, that reaping is often a renewed look at how we will develop for the better through the Winter months. Ironically, we take the summer to dream these ideas up while we rest and play, much like a plant uses that time to grow.

How will you grow this Fall? What new challenges will you implement to make it happen? Further, what changes will you make to see something new happen?

I am looking to fill my Fall calendar with coaching opportunities. So if you fit the bill, or would simply like to sit down with someone to talk about what this process could look like, (In the Winnipeg area) fill out the form on the Let’s Talk! page and start the conversation. Just mention ‘Coaching Special’ in the description section.

This is open to individuals, couples, and households, so pass it around!

Coaching Special!

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