I schedule and create meeting opportunities based on 3 of my core values in leadership. I20171027_144440-1.png say ‘of’, because I have more core values; they are simply beyond the realm of my workshops and coaching sessions. The 3 have an impact on all that I do, but they do not represent the people I love or my faith and community. The 3 actually are intertwined and visible in all my doings, but they are also part of a greater list.

A little about your core values…

Yesterday was the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation. Martin Luther nailing the 95 theses of reform to the door of the All Saints Church in Wittenburg. This was more than a list of suggestions; it was a declaration of values and change within the existing system.

Values are expressed in all that you do. That is the way a value works, it is visible because it is part of the function of a system. This is why it is so difficult to shape or change the core values of a long standing organization; the values are lived and ingrained in every aspect of the culture. This is also why you may find the mission and values of a corporation online and chuckle when you think back to your last experience with them. True core values are actualized or lived, not just declared.

This is key in determining the vision of what you do next. If you organizationally declare a list of values to display, but the ‘organism’ or natural workings of the system abide by another set, you will operate by tension and confusion. Aligning what is natural, true, and aspirational is important in knowing your purpose going forward.20171027_145131.png

So what are the ‘3’?

If you peruse my website you will find them. On twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc. I mention them. But it is more about how they function than how I list them.


I use words like family, system, story, community, because they are more than words. They are both natural and aspirational to me. In all situations I realize 20171027_145423.jpgpeople are part of a community and need one going forward. So I spend much time discussing human connections, particularly the supports and hindrances at work in and around the person. We all need to acknowledge the community we have and the one we wish for.


I have some difficulty separating terms like coaching and mentoring. For many it 20171027_145430.jpgrepresents a change in respect and posture in relationship. In either space it is about acquiring new perspective and understanding on the journey to whatever lies ahead. When I consider mentoring I believe there is always a moment where one asks of another, or invites one into their trusted space to help. We can be equals, you can still be strong and healthy, and I can still assist you moving forward.


What is your purpose? Many of my conversations revolve around a foggy understanding 20171027_145440.jpgof next steps. Even if there has been a clearly stated purpose statement or desire, many have trouble with the visibility ahead. I walk with people in defining purpose. A mission is overarching and inclusive to every aspect of life, so are you shaping life accordingly? We are meant to thrive, which is why we are constantly moving beyond simple survival.

So do your values show? What are they?

If you’re not sure, contact me and let’s talk!

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