Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?

It is a strange question to ask when you think of it. Gifts are mdeunearned, in disguise, and often without a foreknowledge of the reason behind them. Until we open them. Then we may get a story, a moment, or a surprise. Asking if you got what you wanted seems more like something you ask of a person making a grocery list.

I am a gift giver and receiver at heart. It is one of my love languages.

It does not matter how things are going financially I want people to receive good gifts that speak to their hearts. When I receive a gift I am wowed no matter how big or small. When I convey the idea of welcome or personal actions in social settings, I use gift terminology to describe what a person says and how they act. I like to give gifts.

A gift should make a person feel like they are both unworthy and worthy at the same time. They are blessed and puffed up. It does something that speaks to the person at a level they may not have expected.

Maybe it is a smile, a helping hand, a kind word, harsh news delivered gently, or just being present with the other person. These are gifts that cost nothing but can change everything.

So now that Christmas has come and gone, it is time to think about what gifts you can give for the New Year!

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