It is great to be in a great spot.

When you can claim resiliency. When you do not know the future but can hope for the best. When you feel a sense of purpose. When you are emotionally centred. When you are sure of your identity.

My last blog post was all about ‘plan B’; being able to deal with plans changing in the 20190806_195837moment, even if you do not have a plan. More often than not, that requires starting from a place of good mental health. But it can also be the thing that helps us get started on our path to good mental health. (Reminders like the one I discovered today at the bottom of my Starbuck’s cup can help along the way.)

Today I am in a great spot. Still a work in progress, learning to lead, and helping others get there…but in a great spot.

As I write this, I reflect on the fact that at one time this day was my wedding anniversary. As you may have noted in past posts or workshops I facilitated, 3 years ago life changed dramatically for me. All of my plan ‘A’s turned upside down as I went through a series of separations. I was not in a great spot at the time, but 2016 did not end in a day, and neither did I.

Career. Spouse. Home. Church. Sense of personal identity.

They all impact how we look at life, and if we are not in a good spot, we easily lose perspective on our part in each. Perspective is an amazing thing. When we do not see clearly, we do live clearly, and we do not look forward with clarity. When we lose perspective, we lose our sense of identity, and without some help, our way.

I remember one of my mentors referring to all that happened that year as my ‘salvation’. He said without it I would not have taken the time to rediscover who I am. And one step further, what God intended to do with me. The refining process requires time, crisis, and the people to help make it happen. For me there was a time of grief and self-evaluation, and plenty of great conversations. It was all part of what came to be Lead Freely.

So as I look back on the past 3 years, and how they resulted in a clearer perspective, intentional work on self, and an openness to grow, I realize I am in a great spot. It has led me back to a place where I can help people find their ‘great spot’. Being in a great spot does not mean everything is smooth and enjoyable. It means being in a place where you can stand firm in who you are, regardless of the past, the struggle you are in today, or what the future may hold.

We all need help in life and getting to that great spot is not always easy. We don’t always like the journey, but the destination is worth it.

Need help getting to a great spot?

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