“I am not here to speak to you from all my success stories or best moments. I share with you where I got it wrong.”

That was an introduction from one of my most memorable training sessions. The instructor was not one of my favourites, but much of what he said was the most memorable. And it all started from this quote. His introduction.

We are all in formation. Transforming. Reforming. Learning. Growing.

Where things fall apart can be twofold: We don’t like what we have to work with or we ignore the path that we need to follow. Sometimes, both.

Mistakes. Hard times. Disagreement. Even insecurity. These are all moments to become aware. To learn and grow. Healthy leaders learn from things that did not work and moments where they expected things they could not have. Healthy leaders serve because they are humbled by the fact that they are capable of incapability and fallibility.

Be aware. Become aware. Accept the palate you have received and paint with the brush you are learning to use.

Plant seeds. But do not try to harvest in another’s field.


I can help with awareness and identity, in life and leadership. Just go to the contact page if you would like to discuss options.

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