Become Aware

"I am not here to speak to you from all my success stories or best moments. I share with you where I got it wrong." That was an introduction from one of my most memorable training sessions. The instructor was not one of my favourites, but much of what he said was the most memorable. … Continue reading Become Aware

This week: Personality and Listening!

"Helping people find who they are, where they are" That's my motto, and that is what this week is all about. Right now I get to walk with a group of young adults as they discern the path ahead, both in their faith, and in vocational direction. Speaking to them about personality and identity is … Continue reading This week: Personality and Listening!

Failure is an option

In fact, it's normal. The more you embrace your shortcomings, and learn from failings, the better you become. At what? At life. People who struggle with failing tend to focus only on not doing so, and lose sight of the bigger picture.  Life is filled with opportunities. To grow, adapt, and learn. Ultimately to become … Continue reading Failure is an option

Community…Just like family? #values #community #identity

Family is the best picture of being a part of something bigger than ourselves. Period. I know firsthand that does not mean it is easy, neat, or clean. We bump into each other. We tolerate things we do not necessarily agree with. We argue and fight. We feel like pushing away when our space is … Continue reading Community…Just like family? #values #community #identity

Insecure Leaders and Fear

I have been reading a lot on fear and insecurity over the past year. Largely out of recognition for how much impact these two instincts have over the common leader, and particularly in my personal life. From Teddy Roosevelt to the dad dinosaur in the Disney movie The Good Dinosaur (Ok, not technically a read), … Continue reading Insecure Leaders and Fear

Why are we memorable? #identity #social

Just a quick weekend thought on what makes people memorable... And what is deservedly so?  What do we let ride off into the sunset but had a huge underlying impact? Do you seek fame? Fortune? Or influence?

New Year’s Resolutions and Your Wishful Thinking

I hate New Year's resolutions. They are the adult equivalent to children sitting on a mall Santa's lap at Christmas. The problem is not so much with the idea of setting realistic goals and establishing what your true hopes are going forward. The issue lies in how you go about it. Most people tend to … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions and Your Wishful Thinking

Pause to Start #work #identity

I love this passage from the book Thank You For Being Late by Thomas Friedman. How do you view pauses in your life? Many of us struggle with the thought of pausing as part of the natural order of the day. It seems counterintuitive, counterproductive, and maybe just plain wrong. That is why I love the … Continue reading Pause to Start #work #identity