Are you hungry? Stay that way.

This is a big thank you to the group I had the privilege of sharing life and ministry with 20190914_130812last weekend. I cherish every opportunity I am given to listen to their stories, introduce new thoughts, and ask questions that help with new direction. I am challenged by the opportunity, and I pray that they are challenged going forward.

Always growing. It is a mark of good leadership.

“Good enough,” is a statement I cringe at. It makes sense from a mental health perspective, where we may need to take a step back from a situation that has taken hold of us. But it easily creeps up on us when we are creating and leading. Good enough is a spot where we are still managing things 20190914_155421at a base level, and there will be no surprises. We hope.

Managing does not make us hungry. Leadership is a place where we desire growth, we desire people to challenge themselves, and we help others to thrive. Hunger keeps us creative and allows us to ask the tough questions about what we do everyday.

So thank you Westwood youth ministry, for another opportunity to feed your hunger!

Would you like some help with your hunger? Let’s talk:

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