“So how’s it going”


Have you used that line before? I know I have. I so grew to hate that line as a state of being. It does not make sense, and it is not a statement of who you are right now.

You will not have it on your headstone, so stop using it.

Chances are you are too busy. Not necessarily productive or purposeful, but busy. Busyness looks important to people around us. It makes others feel like they are not achieving in comparison. And by being in a stated mindsight of ‘busy’ you might feel like you are living in the ‘AMAZING’ column of life.

And you will feel guilty for resting. And you may feel worse about not being purposeful. So busy wins.

Stress breeds busy, and busy is not a life value.

I am offering once again this free download to help you combat busy. It is a start to changing your mindset, and allowing your soul space to dictate importance in your life. It is tool, not a formula or a fix-all. You need to work on your mindset as you put it to work.

It’s simple. Look at how you establish importance and value in your daily life, and then write it down. Ask the tough questions. Allow yourself to become purposeful, not just busy.

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