Christmas is the time to meet Jesus in the flesh.

Meeting your heroes, seeing them ‘in the flesh’ means more than finding a picture online. They become real — good or bad.

Being in the flesh comes to mean we are real and human. It is hard to imagine anyone in20191221_120549 the room without their humanness.
We would never see a person as other than human.
When you look into a person’s eyes, you desire a human connection.
As people we were designed to recognize one another and seek likeness within each other.
The ‘image of God’ is personhood. It reflects in communication, in our daily walk, and we notice when someone is trying to hide it.

From the time of the garden of Eden, the world longed for that renewed sense of humanness, flesh and bone, for God to be with us. Intimacy with God, even through the mess.

A God who knows us and walks with us as close as our own breath…in the flesh.

The humanness of Jesus perplexes me.
When I think of my granddaughter being born 3 months ago, recalling her mother being born, witnessing something amazing, I am amazed. A soul is born. A body and mind is created.
Flesh. Bone. Breath. Intimate. History is marked by the birth of a human.
A messy, fragile individual requiring care. And the capacity to grow.

This is the method God chose to reveal himself to us. In the flesh.
Filling a diaper.
Crying for food.
Learning to walk and talk.
Making friends.
Getting a job.
Very human, and every bit God.

(Excerpts from my sermon on 4th Advent)

Have a merry Christmas! And if you need any help in the way you work and grow, just let me know: Hey Eric!

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