As I sit here preparing for my workshop participants to arrive, I reflect back to my last completed read.

The Ideal Team Player, by Patrick Lencioni.

My workshop is based on communication and learning to work together in all situations, so maybe that is why the book came to mind. It speaks directly to who should be on your team, and the detriment of not responding when someone hurts that culture.

Patrick uses fable as a tool to bring the moral across, and he does so well. Anyone could imagine their own work situation while reading about this fictitious one. Use of fable removes the onus being on a list of ‘shoulds’ and places it in true to life form. It is powerful to see the desire, implications, and outcomes, all interplay within a story.

The main point? Find someone who is humble, hungry, and smart; not only one of those things, or a combination of one pair. Build your work environment around These three being non-negotiable. These are the virtues which drive Lencioni’s real life business, and they are the three pillars he teaches to other businesses. They set the tone for how your group achieves their goals in a manner which strengthens the group. Those three virtues become part of your common speech in all settings because they are evident in every aspect of what makes your team tick.

Check out the book, self evaluate, then consider how it compares to your team setting. Where do you lack? Where is there unhealth on your team? It can be more costly than you think.

Would you like some help working out team deficiencies? Go to my contact page and let me know how I can help!

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