Thank you Pauingassi FN!

I appreciate your hospitality, your welcome to me every time, and your willingness to try new things as we learn and grow together. So many good people to thank!

Once again I did not offer my workshop the way I thought I would be. Instead, the invitation was put out to a slightly different group, and it was a blast! Discussing communication and conflict is not always an easy thing, but it is worth it. Taking the opportunity to listen and understand provides a wealth to each of us beyond what we could ever bargain.

When I come to a community, I learn at least as much as I share. And it is always through another’s story…

…a council member sharing a long history, but most importantly about being born here and the life lessons he learned through his daily chores as a child.

…my greatest ally working hard for the community, and then sharing quietly over lunch about how difficult the epidemic of child apprehension on the reserve has been for her personally.

…the man taking care of my lodging, along with the other regular guests, telling stories of how far they personally have seen the community come over the last number of years.

…and finally, the woman on the flight back, who happens to be the first female indigenous red seal carpenter in Manitoba.

The stories are as beautiful as the landscape, and my prayer is this beauty would continue on well beyond this trip!

Keep growing, keep sharing.

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