Here’s a quick review of a podcast I listened to some time ago, on what made a great CEO. I think it applies to all types of leadership positions.
“No one could really give us a straight answer on what defined a good or bad leader…You look at the data, and there’s 10 different recipes for success.” – Nicholas Bloom, professor of economics, Stanford University (Freakonomics, “What Does a CEO Actually Do?”, 01/17/18)
(Same podcast showed the consistent management CEO was just as successful as the risk taking CEO)
The reality of the good CEO was based on the right person in the right situation. After

schooling and experience, many blended into the right leader. Hard to distinguish one from the other based on any metric of evaluation. All measurement was anecdotal.

Strict consistent management? Visionary leadership? All needed to have a generalist, broad spectrum view of the company, but also managing those under them.
Interestingly, companies with the visionary, open-handed leader, did better.
It has often been said that we should hire the person, not the position. All the more reason to look in the mirror and ask what type of leader you are. It is less about filling a role, and more about being the person in place.
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