I sure hope so!

2020 has given us plenty to write home about! Depending on your perspective, it was either a year of pruning, growing, and maybe making some much-needed change. Otherwise it was dismal and a small piece of hell for many.

But maybe it was both?

I talk a lot about gratitude here on the blog, largely because I know how big a role it plays in changing my perspective on life and its challenges. It has been said before that without suffering we don’t truly value the life and gifts we’ve been given. It also seems to shape us in ways that good times can never do. So even in lamenting a year like 2020, I look back upon blessings and plenty of moments of gratitude, because I know I am a different person because of the year I just had. The same is true for you as well.

Our circumstances shift our focus, realign our values, and refine the vision we hold for our future. We are not above or below the world we live in.

So here are a few items that come to mind looking back on a year we didn’t ask for:

  1. People are always #1.
  2. Even if you disagree, no matter how vehemently, please see #1.
  3. Circumstances can change, but character is forever.
  4. Plan for what you foresee, but learn resilience in times of change.
  5. Ignore the chatter, and listen for wisdom.
  6. Be a blessing to those around you because you don’t know how badly they need it.
  7. Look for gratitude in as many places as you can find it. It’s easier to share it when you have it on hand.

That’s as simple as I can make this list without just saying, be grateful for what you have, and focus on people.

All that said, I will once again plug my personal method for going through crisis and difficult circumstances. I have mentioned it many times before, and here it is again, the 7-4-3-1 method for living with vision. It is not a magic bullet, but it is something I developed through my own life crisis, and when I stress out I seem to come back to it. If you want more material on it, check the download section or just send me an email on the contact page.

  1. Focus your day on what you value. Build a ‘skeleton’ of what a day will look like.
  2. Write down your top priorities for the next 7 days, things you know you can accomplish and you have control of.
  3. Now think of what values you espouse for the next month. Now attach what you need to focus on beyond the week.
  4. What do you hope to accomplish at the end of the quarter? I think of it as a semester in the school of life. What are some of the big things I worry about now that I can’t accomplish immediately, that can pick at week by week?
  5. Finally, who do I see myself as in one year? Who do I envision that person being? What are some key things they have done that I am proud of? That’s your vision for the year.

Go ahead, write it down, keep it safe and close to your heart, but remember to look back on it. No matter what 2021 entails in your story, grab hold of it and live it.

Happy new year!

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