How do you determine if a new year will be a good one? As we have discovered through the example of 2020, there is much that is out of our control. For many, that made the parts we can control feel unstable.

For the most part, 2020 did more than test our resolve, and many of the areas of life we call ‘normal’. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on plans, on most lifestyles, and has been simply tragic, to say the least. In the social media world, we encountered a new term for how many were searching for news on a daily basis: Doomscrolling. It is the action of scrolling through all your social and news accounts, looking for ever worsening news to show up. Not necessarily wanting bad news, but expecting there to be ever increasing amounts of it.

It is hard not to enter into a ‘doomscrolling’ mindset for life when everything appears negative. 

So in walks 2021, and we examine our expectations…

Are you excited for what will come? And how do you determine what you will look forward to with anticipation?

I put together some of my thoughts on how I use my 7-4-3-1 method for clarifying my vision and create boundaries for use of my time in this video: 

I know many of you have already viewed, sampled, or even put my 7-4-3-1 material to use, and for that I am thankful. If you have not, or would like a little more information on how I also use this to reflect on the year that has passed, then take a look. I use it in my personal life, managing projects and events, and help others with it through coaching. I am always interested to hear how it has worked in your life.

I am not all about time management, and neither is this method. I am about helping people live with clarity, and discern every day with wisdom. That can cover a lot of territory for each one of us, but hopefully this is a helpful start on the journey. If you know someone who could benefit from this, please pass the link or this email along.

So I hope your start to 2021 has been hopeful and the days to come will be filled with plenty of reasons to be grateful!

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