Are you familiar with the CIO position?

I was not, and then the news came out about the new role Prince Harry has taken on. If you are not familiar with what the Duke of Sussex is up to, then have a read of the following article:

As the article spells out, the title of CIO is not used often. And at first glance, it may seem like a created position for someone with social clout, a celebrity if you will. That was my first impression. I mean, it sounds like a made up position given to friends of rich friends, making space in the C-suite in a role that no one really knows how to explain. That may very well be the case here, but on second glance, there is a little more depth to the title regardless of the Duke’s qualifications to fill it.

Prince Harry’s social and public clout allows this start-up company to do what they hope to do. The position is basically making sure people are putting money into the coaching practices and putting his face to the name. Why is this important? Because as the quotes show in the article, this start-up company seeks to help people through coaching, where and when they need it. It may be a token piece to their work, and he may never have a meaningful piece of paper on his desk, but his clout will get them into places they could not go before.

That is impact.

So are you a Chief Impact Officer? If you look it up, most of the time the position is set up to make sure people know the good work that is being done, but also to find support and resourcing to make sure the good work can be done. We become impact officers every time we frequent a business and tell people good things about it. We all carry a special role in the communities within which we live and do life, and that is a place of impact. Each of us can bring encouragement and kindness, compassion and goodness. An impact that reaches beyond the mere exchange of money or time.

You may not be royalty, but you are in control of your impact.

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