Gratitude is one of the greatest things you can share with the world! Starting your day with a list of items for which you are grateful boosts your energy and your attitude. So this post is an energy booster for you, because it is all about gratitude for this past week.

I had the opportunity to share my workshop on ‘care & communication’ with the good people of Little Grand Rapids and Pauingassi. 2-days focusing on my philosophy of TRUE CARE, which if you have been keeping track of what I post, is part of my 3 big questions.

There are many elements to spending a couple of days sharing and discovering things together. A lot of details need to be taken care of and many things can go wrong. So it is a pleasure when most of it seems to come together. Even better, when people contribute their ideas and stories at a personal level, the group just warms up and is willing to go another step deeper. That was my experience again with both communities, and the response was heart warming. And on top of it all, we have fun together!

“Most of the workshops don’t really connect, but this is really making sense to me.”

You have seen some of the material before, but here is a recap of what I discuss over the 2-days on care. It all starts with building the foundation for care, be TRUE:

  1. Trust
  2. Respect
  3. Understanding
  4. Encouragement

On top of that foundation we build daily practices of CARE:

  1. Comfort
  2. Actions
  3. Responses
  4. Ears

The ‘Ears’ leads into the second full day of learning new ways to communicate, how to share thoughts and feelings, what to do with conflict, and how to problem solve:

  1. Slow to Speak
  2. Slow to Anger
  3. Quick to Listen

Filled with stories and activities we learn together! Thanks Little Grand Rapids and Pauingassi!

If you are interested in going through a workshop like this just let me know.

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