Thank you Manitoba Camping Association and Christian Camping International for a great conference experience!

It seems like an eternity since the last time I’ve experienced a conference like this. I was actually scheduled to be the keynote 3 years ago, but then we had a little thing called a pandemic get in the way. So we got to do it all this year. It was a great feeling of what used to feel normal before covid, but it all feels a little different now that we are on the other side. Maybe you have noticed this in your setting as well?

While there was some mention of what we all went through, the focus of every conversation I was a part of, or listened in on, was all about excitement for what is to come. If we have learned nothing else, maybe learning to find that excitement, call it hope, for what could come next.

I am thankful for that experience! Hearing so many different organizations share ideas, encouragement, and hope for tomorrow.

It was also exciting for me to be able to share my 3 big questions with a larger group. Serving both as an evaluation of others experiences in an organization, but also as a form of what we can aspire to when working together. Of course being the keynote speaker the questions can seem more like statements! But my hope is these are things that can be translated into any setting.

In case you missed the posts on the 3 questions, click here: 3 questions for the road ahead

I am encouraged by the work of all these camps in Manitoba and Ontario, as they seek ways to reach out and impact kids and their communities for the better!

And a special thanks to the good folks at Winkler Bible Camp for being incredible hosts!

Contact me if you would like more information on working together!

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